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          1. Zhejiang Lishui Xinyi Starter Driver Co.,Ltd English | 简体中文

            This is because our customers' success is also our own success.

            An uncompromising demand for quality and absolute customer focus are the prerequisites for this.

            Therefore, we do not consider ourselves to be a supplier; we see ourselves as a partner that our customers can rely upon for all requirements. Hence our motto is ?optimum quality and comprehensive service for maximum customer benefits?.

            For this purpose, our emphasis is placed upon a continual innovation process that guarantees future-oriented cutting edge technology through research and development.

            Only in this way is it possible for our products and services to always satisfy the current market requirements. And only in this way is it possible for our customers to obtain the added value that they quite rightly expect from our products and services.


            Production & Quality

            We produce the highest performance products and sold one-way around the world. In this sense, we are committed to the development of production technology and products and to ensure superior quality

            Our Team

            Our team is always successful in many ways. Combining different personality, intelligence and ability, so that we have the ability to meet the complex challenges of the future.

            Our Vision

            Our goal is to make ZPSF become an independent company, to satisfy the interests of the shareholders of employees, and partners and bring long-term success and profitability of the local area


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